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2023年2月16日 (木) 17:00-19:00

東大本郷キャンパス + zoom 

Junhong Lee (MPI-M)

Implementation of the 3D Smagorinsky turbulence scheme in the ICON model

Precise understanding of climate change has been limited by uncertainties in the climate model. One major source of these uncertainties is convective parameterization. Refining horizontal resolution down to a few kilometers enables us to resolve deep convection explicitly and thus to overcome the problem from convective parameterization. But, at this high resolution, the assumption in the convectional turbulence parameterization is not valid, because it is designed for coarser resolution and horizontal turbulent transport components are neglected. In order to overcome the limitations, the 3D Smagorinsky turbulence scheme is implemented in the ICOsahedral Non-hydrostatic (ICON) model and has been used for a global fully coupled storm-resolving simulation. In this talk, firstly, the details of the implementation and evaluations will be discussed. Secondly, examples of ongoing researches and projects with the global fully coupled storm-resolving simulation using the 3D Smagorinsky turbulence scheme are briefly introduced.


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