DNA Climate Project

Challenge to the new generation cloud
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2024年3月11日 (月) 16:00-17:00

東大本郷キャンパス 理学部一号館710

Francine Janneke Schevenhoven (ベルゲン大学)

Supermodeling: an interactive ensemble of models

Instead of combining data from an ensemble of different models only after the simulations are performed, as in a standard multi-model ensemble, we let the models interact with each other during their simulation. This ensemble of interacting models is called a `supermodel’. Because of the interaction between the models, they can compensate for each other’s errors before the errors spread to other regions or variables. The exchange between the models is frequent enough such that the models synchronize, in order to prevent loss of variance when the models are combined. We developed methods to train the connection coefficients between the models, determining the extent and type of information exchange between the models, resulting in a supermodel that outperforms the individual models.


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